HOF CedarWoods Aussies

AKC Hall of Fame Kennel, owned by Debi Cocciola-Wofford,
AKC Breeder of Merit, ASCA Ob judge,member of ASCA,USASA,GASC,and SLHC


CH MACH3 CedarWood's Mesa Wind on Fire,CDX,RE,HSAd,HSAs,NAP,NJP

  Red Tri Female, AKC/ASCA registered,DOB: 5/21/08

  19" tall, 42 lbs, full scissors bite,

  OFA excellent, elbows normal, cerf clear

  HC clear, MDR1 mutant/normal


 Ch PACH Shoreland's Autumn Prairie Wind,CDX,RE,MX,MXJ,AXP,AJP,HSAs,CGC


              Ch. Aliyah's Patriot of Mill Creek


Mesa and her ribbons from the Aussie Nationals.



Mesa is now a Champion!!!












photos by sayfleas photography