HOF CedarWoods Aussies

AKC Hall of Fame Kennel, owned by Debi Cocciola-Wofford,
AKC Breeder of Merit, ASCA Ob judge,member of ASCA,USASA,GASC,and SLHC


We breed 1-2 litters a year.  All the parents are OFA hips good or excellent, eyes, cleared the year of breeding, MDR1 and HC tested, and are either Champions or on pointed and still showing.  All of our dogs train and trial in herding, agility and conformation and most do obedience.  When choosing a cross for a litter, we are mostly wanting to produce happy, healthy, athletic Aussies with good structure, temperaments and drive.  The pups are handled a lot everyday from the first day of birth.  They experience many surfaces, cold, warm, scratchy, smooth, etc beginning in the first week.  As soon as they can see and hear we add mobiles, clickers, and sounds and from various CD's like dog shows and music and loud noises. After four weeks they move out into the living room for more exposure and go outside at 5 weeks to potty for the first time.  We continue to carry them outside twice a day for play/potty time and in the pen they use a potty pad.  At 6 weeks they go into a larger pen, learn a doggy door and play on puppy-size agility equipment and various moving objects.  They get their first shots and visit a canine opthamologist to have their eyes checked for congenital defects (have never had any).  They learn to give eye contact and sit for a click and a treat and to get inside their own crate for their meals.  We have so much fun with our puppies and know you will too!  Contact us for your next Aussie pup!